1 Apr

A Preview of the Canadian Folk Music

This type of music has a history that dates back from the 17th century. It can be rooted back from the early settlers. Technically, the style is divided into contemporary and traditional folk music. Most of the Canadian folk artists sing modern music, and this is what people listen to, even today.

Here are more details about the music.

Singer-Songwriters in Canada

These are artists who compose, perform, and write their music, including all the melodies and lyrics in it. They mostly offer a single supplement to the whole song or composition using a piano or guitar. People can listen to songs composed by Canadian singer-songwriters, such as the following:

  • Heather Bishop
  • Malcolm Burn
  • Craig Cardiff
  • Geoff Berner

Canadian Folk Music Artists

Folk music is a popular genre in Canada. Most of the contemporary folk music artists come from this country. Although there are newcomers in the industry, the style is still trying to maintain the instruments that were used. Some of the Canadian folk music artists are Joni Mitchell, Stan Rogers, Penny Lang, and Valdy, among others.

Performances for Folk Music in Canada

Almost every month, concerts are held in Canada by folk music artists. These performances are hosted to present the new talents in the industry and offer entertainment to Canadians. So, people can attend concerts, such as the following:

  • Ukrainian Folk Music Performance in Vancouver
  • The Wild
  • Vancouver Promenade

Where One May Find Details Regarding Folk Music and Musicians

Each day, Canadians gain the interest of knowing what folk music is all about. So, if you also want to gather details about folk musicians and the songs that they have written, consider going through music blogs, folk music tools in Canada, publications, and events, among others.


When you listen to folk music, you’ll realize that it’s amazing. But before then, consider gathering information from music blogs to learn everything related to the genre.