1 Jul

Award-Winning Singer-Song Writer Songs to Get You in the Mood

A little music may make life happier, but a bit more folk music makes it memorable. Folk music is not just about catchy beats and heart soothing chords. It’s about the stories shared through beautiful lyrics presented with soulful voices. Everyone loves to have the radio on in the background as they get things done. So, you can say music provides a theme song to their lives. It also gets them in the right mood when playing the Blackjack on mobile. Are you planning to clean your garage or take a fishing trip? Well, here are a few folk songs to get you in the right spirit.

Jane Lewis and Eve Goldberg – Bringing in the Light

The list kicks off with the most angelic harmonies you’ll ever hear. “Bringing The Light” creates the perfect theme song as you play blackjack mobile game on your device. This song speaks about persisting through despair, which can help you double up on your blackjack game. This song also calls for political change and less bureaucracy as we fight climate change.

Danny Michel – Nobody Rules You

Danny has a secret formula that keeps his music fresh. He’s got a heart of gold, and it shines through his music and the short films he produces. “Nobody Rules You” is an ode to the eagle in you. An anthem for everyone out there feeling repressed by a situation or an individual playing the Blackjack game. As he says in the song, “Don’t fade in the crowd, Cuz, they don’t make the rules.” So turn it loud when you need some motivation nobody rules you!

Dave Gunning – These Roads

“These Roads” is the perfect song to listen to when playing the Blackjack on mobile. Dave’s soul full voice calls out to the aching that tugs at your heart as you say your last farewells. It talks about the struggles of being alone on the road and the call of duty.