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1.Review: les siemieniuk, Penguin Eggs Magazine, Summer, 2007

"This is Doug’s 8th recording in a career spanning over thirty years. In “Thunder into Heaven” he sings of life and love in a mature and heartfelt way. Life is an interesting journey for us all, but it’s always a pleasure to listen to an articulate and mature artist talk about theirs.

Doug enlisted Ian Tamblyn to produce half the songs and the result is beautifully sounding with simple, sparse yet surprisingly full instrumentation. In “Letter to Marie”, a song of WW1, Doug, accompanied only by a haunting piano, reaches a brutal depth and shakes you to the core. Just beautifully done.

Doug McArthur’s world is well worth visiting and “Thunder Into Heaven” is well worth listening to."

2. The Galaxie Folk/Roots Channel’s most-played, high-rotation Canadian album releases for 2007:

May: #2 Doug McArthur - Thunder Into Heaven- (Patio)
April #7. Doug McArthur --- Thunder Into Heaven --- (Patio)

3. Review: Patrick Langston, Ottawa Citizen Sat. April 29, 2007

Rating 3.5 (3 = Good, 4 = Excellent)
"Important things - love, time,life - keep slipping out of his hands in Doug McArthur's eighth album.

......this tuneful, evocative album brims with the solid narratives and warm-blooded characters that have been Wakefield-based McArthur's trademark for 20-plus years."

4. Review: Chopper Mckinnon (host of "Canadian Spaces) CKCU Radio Feb.01/07

After 35 years as a singer/songwriter, and an impressive series of recordings, Doug McArthur has introduced “Thunder Into Heaven”.

Born in the dawn of 2007 this album will guage how I listen to new recordings this year. Congratulations to all involved including Executive Producer Terry Eagan and congratulations to you for having something spectacular to start your new year

4. Doug McArthur in Full Flight
by Catherine Joyce
Lowdown to Hull & Back (Wakefield newspaper) Jan. 17/07

It can take a life time to sing with one’s own pure sound in a voice that echoes with the gift and the journey of the artist. With his new CD, Thunder into Heaven, Doug McArthur has come into his own, singing with a subtle, lyric authority that haunts the listener long after. Each cut rings true...” 

A short video combining photos of Doug's back yard on the Gatineau River with the cut “Trembling Bird Short Reprise”

Doug McArthur releases new CD “Thunder into Heaven”
Patio Records, Boston

Doug McArthur, respected songwriter, organiser and performer releases his eighth recording project of original music. Titled “Thunder into Heaven”, the main part of this CD was produced by Ian Tamblyn and recorded at James Stephen’s Stove Studios in Chelsea Québec.

Cuts include:

“Thunder Road “ - a rollicking look back on a misspent life in music,

“Bluebird” - a fifties style country tune,

“The Trembling Bird” - a celtic influenced river lament,

“Cottontop” - a reggae fuelled wry commentary on changing hair colour and becoming invisible,

“Letter To Marie” - a heartbreaking and brutal WW1 song,

“The Silver Tongue of Acadie” - reflections on living as a linguistic minority,

“Alfred’s Chair” - a spooky celtic recitation taking place on England’s Pennine way,

“Boots and Saddles” - a full throated band version of Doug’s classic country song,

“Black Eyed Susan” - a moody live version of Doug’s well known epic sea ballad,

“Trembling Bird Short Reprise” - an instrumental coda fading into the sounds of the lovely steam train that rumbles through Doug’s back yard along the Gatineau River,

and finally,
“Heaven Only Knows” - California singer Jeffra’s beautiful take on Doug’s song about resolution and acceptance.

Musicians on the Québec cuts include Ian Tamblyn, James Stephens, Anouk Grégoire, Alan Marsden, Alvero de Minaya, Phil Bova.

Tom Leightom and Jeffra contributed to several cuts.

The live cut from Hugh’s Room features Allysa Wright and Pineapple Frank Barth.

If you have Hi-Speed, have a look at my short video featuring "Trembling Bird Short Reprise":



The Dust of Davy Crockett

(imagining America)

Stripped down voice and guitar. The song is everything.

These are songs about San Francisco and Texas, computers and miners and becoming invisible. And a short trip to Ground Zero one day in February 2002.

Cover photo by Carole Timm

Lyrics available here as a PDF


" Witness" - I stood at New York's Ground Zero with these words ringing in my head.

"Boots & Saddles" - On tour in Pennsylvania, after several days living in Clank, the old GMC van, Stan and the boys dropped into an isolated roadhouse. The waitress came over to talk. We were not the first sailors on these shores.

"Cottontop" - I didn't mind my hair turning gray when I turned fifty but I was surprised to find myself invisible on the streets of Hight-Ashbury.

"The Dust of Davy Crockett" - Surreal layered history and a pretty good computer joke. Computer jokes are hard to write.

"Silverado" - The lovely Napa valley holds more than one treasure and so many stories.

"Louisiana Angel" - Written on a ragged drive 'cross Texas on my way to California. Of course the Dark Angel would be a beautiful hitchiker on US 20. The recurring line comes from Rumi.

"Lone Star" - An unlikely series of events brought me to the world's largest chemical plant south of Houston. The image vs. the reality in East Texas.

"Comanche Moon" - European entrepreneurs sold German families on the free land of milk and honey of the high Texas plains. The Comanche may have been the most effective military force ever seen in North America.

"Who The Woz Was" It's been a wild ride in Silicon Valley. All those idea guys that wanted to change the world in the '60's did it in the '90's. How? Maybe the Homebrew club, Captain Crunch whistles and a genial genius named Wozniak, Oh, and the Cavity Magnetron. For sure.

"Justice" - This song was included on the "Tears of a Thousand years" CD featuring Canadian artists reacting to the Sept. 11th attack.


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