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David Bradstreet

David Essig

Garnet Rogers

Stan Rogers

Paul Mills

Doug McArthur

Nancy Simmonds

John Smale

Carl Grindstaff

Frank Wheeler

Annie Grindstaff

Walter Grasser

Willie P. Bennett

Uncle Billie

Beverley Glenn - Copeland

Lisa Garber

Jackie Washington

Micheal Lewis

Brent Titcomb

Laura Smith

Patti Anderson

Ray Materick

Rick Taylor

Marianne Girard

Bill Hughes


Carl Keesee

Arnold Ilic

Paul Langille

Mose Scarlett

David Wiffen

Roy McDonald

Tony Bird

Poopy Dan

Ian Tamblyn

Tom Rush

Lynne LaValle

Eric Anderson

John Allen Cameron

Fred Eaglesmith

Bruce Cockburn

Murray McLauchlan

Mark Rust

Ken Palmer

Scott Merrit

Jane Siberry

Jessie Winchester

Connie Kaldor

Rick Whitelaw

Dixie Flyers

Jim Smale





Other Resources:

A video of Willie P. at the 1974 Home County and excerpts from the 1975 festival are viewable in the London Room of London Public Library.

"Horton, Bates & Best" LPs (Bill Hughes singing the songs of his favorite Ontario songwriters) are available from